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Tours Colombia – Tourist Destinations in Colombia

Papayote Travel ‘s policy is to offer different tourist destinations in Colombia under the sustainable tourism , this implies we work with communities in each region , local guides , supporting nature conservation areas and work in the interaction with the community, corporations and foundations to help them in their work and promoted . Colombia Tours

Why Colombia ?

Colombia is a South American country located between the Pacific and Atlantic ocean which borders Venezuela , Ecuador , Peru and Brazil.

Due to its location , tropical climate and geography is considered privileged in Natural and cultural ties with one of the world’s greatest biodiversity resources.

All this is represented in beautiful multicolored landscapes in each region of Colombia , with coffee crops , crops of bananas, tropical fruits, livestock , poultry and a variety of flora and fauna , from which you can enjoy during stay in Colombia .

Colombia has large tracts of rain forests, plains , savannas , deserts , seas, rivers , beaches, over 2,900 kilometers of coastline , and mountains further has 5 Regions::

  • The Andean Region: consists of the three mountain ranges that exist in Colombia , are located the major cities such as Bogota, Medellin , Bucaramanga , Armenia, Pereira , Manizales ( coffee zone ) , Neiva , Ibagué and Cúcuta. They can carry out different business activities , cultural, historical , recreational and shopping because some of them are considered as cosmopolitan cities.
  • The Caribbean Region: consists of beach, air , sea and a typical Caribbean atmosphere full of folklore , culture, and fun. Out festivals and major events such as the International Festival of the Vallenato Legend , Barranquilla Carnival , the Festival of the Sea , The National Beauty Pageant and Festival of the Wayuu Culture takes , among others, its major cities are Cartagena, santa Marta , Barranquilla, including the Guajira
  • The Pacific : It is considered as one of the regions with the largest number of species biodiversity in the world and contains a large variety of fauna and flora. Its vast expanse of jungle rivers and has a large concentration of floristic diversity and birds that inhabit them, their major cities are Bahia Solano, Nuqui, Gorgona Island
  • The Llanos Orientales and Amazon Regions : represent in their natural attractions which are valuable resources that can be explored through responsible tourism and interpretive .representan en sus atractivos naturales en los cuales se encuentran valiosos recursos que se pueden explorar a través de un turismo responsable e interpretativo.

Also, we have 53 protected areas biodiversity and 8 areas of interest declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

For all these reasons we invite you to discover a magical land where they can learn culture, history and traditions. Also for getting the happiness of our people, their folklore and everything that can provide during your visit.

Tourist Destinations in Colombia