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About Us

Papayote Travel is a tour operator focused on inbound tourism in different regions of Colombia. We have extensive knowledge in the development and operation of packages and tourism plans in Colombia.

This standards based on sustainable tourism and making our customers live unforgettable experiences through participatory activities.

Our CEOs:

Viviana Uribe Convers: Manager of Tourism and Hotel, with experience in the tourism sector at national and international level. Great warmth to treat people and make personalized support. Good command of languages and passion for the outdoors.

Felipe Ortiz: Business Manager with especialicion in Finance and University Eafit of Medellin. Experience in financial, commercial part, business valuation and structuring of products purchased in various banks and stockbrokers

Mauricio Salazar: I have experience as a physical trainer, bilingual guide and english teacher; I was born in Medellin and leaved 11 years in Palm Beach, Florida. I enjoy all kind of cultures, customs and food. I like so much outdoors activities and my favorite are trekking and mountain biking.

Medellín is the most beautiful place that I know; not only you can find all kind of activities, but also can find friendly “Paisas”. I will be more than happy to show you my city, our culture and food. get ready to have a great moment.

Francisco Blanco: I do a leaving as a teacher and tourist guide; I am a nature lover, open spaces and physical activity. I practice tennis, futbol (soccer), voleibol, mountain biking, skating and in general any activity that implies sweating and fun. I like classic books, magic drama movies, but my number one hobby all along my life has been listening to all sorts of music. All this moving to and fro I complement it with meditation of wish I am fond of. I truly enjoy contact with peole and nature as I consider my self a world’s citizen.