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Tours Medellin

Medellin – Shopping Tour

Shopping trip by the City of Medellin. Visiting different local shops and Spring Street and Avenue Garden, Outlets, garment factories and one of...
$40 USD

Arví Natural Park and Spain library

$128,000 COP $51 USD Metro-cable; One of the most cutting edge conveyance in Latin America. Tour designed for nature lovers, with eco-toursm...
$51 USD

Urban metamorphosis – A new Medellin

$42 USD  0r $106.000 Medellin is a reflection of urban change and mentality, with innovation and social inclusion Tour a public space that...
$42 USD

Tours Bogota

Bogotá City tour

Duration: 4 Nights – 5 days Groups: Mín 4 – Máx 14 Prices from 61 USD or $153.000 COP Bogota is the capital city of Colombia, is the most...
$61 USD

Bogotá – Night Tour

Prices from Us 71 – $179.000 COP Nights in Bogota allow us to observe a cosmopolitan city Bogotá today is the political, economic,...
$71 USD

Bogotá – Shooping Tour

Prices from: Us 45 – $ 114,000 Bogotá as the capital of the country, has a wide range of designers and shops to visit. Have the opportunity...
$45 USD

Tours Cartagena

Cartagena Night tour

Prices from: $113,000 COP – $43 USD Founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia, Cartagena has been recognized as a tourist, historical and...
$43 USD

Cartagena Museums

Prices from: Us 50 – $ 127,000 The tour of the walled city museum offers insight into some of the history of Cartagena, along with the...
$50 USD

Cartagena City Tour

Prices from: Us $39 – $ 98,000 Cartagena de Indias, founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia, has been recognized as a historical and cultural...
$39 USD

Coffe hub

Cultural Coffee Landscape

Prices from: Us $89 – $ 224,000 COP Coffee one day be one of the funniest tours of Colombia and our traditional culture The Coffee Region...
$89 USD

Visit Salento

Prices from: $ 195.000 COP –  Us $78 Salento, is characterized by the beautiful architecture built in wall of mud and Bahareque; which it has...
$78 USD

Visit Coffee Park

Prices from: $94 USD– $ 235.000 This park is located in the village of Montenegro at 30 min. Armenia – live the history of coffee culture....
$94 USD

Circuits around colombia

Highlights Santander

Duration: 4 Nights – 5 days Groups: Mín 2 – Máx 25 Prices from USD $630 o COP $1’159.200 Per Person Higlights Santander Santander: Is a Colombian...
$630 USD

Magical and Cultural

Duration: 5 Nights – 6 days Groups:  Mín 4 – Máx 14 Prices from 674 Usd o $1.683.800 USD Colombian caribbean : magical and cultural Tour La...
$674 USD

Capital cities

Duration: 8 Nights – 9 days Groups: Mín 4 – Máx 14 Prices form  USD $981  o $2.453.0000 Capital Cities: Bogotá – Medellín – Cartagena...
$981 USD

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“I herewith want to thank you and the “PAPAYOTE CREW” for the super assistance we have had during our tour from Sep. 08-Sep.18, 2014. Keep giving our groups this kind of service and we will keep doing business with your company.”
We are here to make you happy! With our experience we will make your visit to Colombia the most incredible experience of your life. We offer complete plans to different Regions, circuits and tours through Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Coffee Cultural Landscape, Boyaca, Santa Marta, Tyrona, La Guajira, Santander and Choco.

Prepare to marvel at the scenery and culture of Colombia Tours

Everything you dream it will live in Colombia, we bring you live your culture and know the most emblematic places.



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